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     "Each painting begins with a familiar subject or object. Something with weight in my life. It is the nucleus from which the story emerges. There are then metaphorical elements that converge and overlap with these subjects, creating a narrative for the viewer to discover. These elements represent observations of the contemporary world, a recollection, event, or tragedy. Through these narratives, I try to create a tension within the painting, while at the same time, eliciting a sense of empathy for the subjects and the situations occurring. I often present scenarios caught just at a moment before a possible disaster. That flash of apprehension, confusion, trepidation, or wonderment. I want the viewer to ask questions about how the subjects came to be where they are, or about where their gaze is focused, usually just out of view. 


     I use a wide range of tools to create a variety of marks, as well as a combination of both oil and water-based mediums as they behave differently on the canvas. My approach to each painting is both planned and haphazard. In many of the works, I purposely leave sections of the canvas unpainted. The result reveals some hints to the history of the painting for the viewer to decipher, as they become witness to mistakes, unintentional marks or drips, as well as evidence of earlier attempts. In many cases, these “voids” also serve to represent the unknown within the narratives of the paintings.


     For me, the act of painting is an amalgamation of my current life, past experiences, and memories. It is cathartic, chaotic, and enlightening, and will always reflect the human condition and contemporary culture."


Brian Boner was born in Rapid City, South Dakota.  In 1998 he received a BA in both painting and drawing from Minnesota State University. Since 2004, Brian has exhibited his work throughout the United States and has participated in events, benefits, and artists' symposiums through the Phoenix Art Museum and Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.  His work is included in numerous private and public collections including Banner Health as well as over 25 individual pieces and 2 site specific mural installations for Cardon Children’s Hospital in Mesa, AZ.  In 2014, he completed an expansive 150’ long outdoor mural in the heart of the Downtown Phoenix arts district that is dedicated to bringing awareness to the plight of the homeless.  Brian currently lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona.

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